About Us

Everyone wants their home to be the best it can be. We often try to improve our homes by changing big things about them through refurbishment, extensions, or other radical changes. But in many cases, the devil is in the details. Doors and windows are sometimes the element that truly makes or breaks a home’s feeling of elegance. But quality doors and windows can be hard to come by, especially nowadays, in an age where everybody is in a constant hurry and is forced to cut corners left and right. We’re here to change that.

Global Doors & Windows is a company established in 2009 with the aim of providing the people of all around the UK with the best doors and windows they could imagine. For over 7 years our company has grown and prospered, currently boasting 25 experienced workers, all experts in their field, devoted to crafting doors and windows of the best quality, working on two production lines, all in order to effectively meet the high standards of our clients. To our employees, crafting high-quality furniture is so much more than just a job – it’s their way of life. Working with many types of material, we  tailor all of our services to the needs of each individual client, whether they’re an individual client or a company, to provide them with a unique product that meets all of their demands.

From the day of its inception, Global Doors & Windows has been run with the main goal of providing our clients with products that are of the finest quality in all possible areas. Not only are our employees incredibly experienced and skilled, paying plenty of attention to detail with every piece they are working on, but we also make sure to only use materials of the finest quality, so that you can receive a product that is not only stylish and well-designed, but also reliable and durable. With our products, including our bespoke doors and windows, we aim to introduce a new standard of quality to people’s homes. But homes are not the only type area we work with, as commercial venues can also greatly benefit from our windows and doors. You can improve the quality of life of your employees, your clients, or even just people passing by, if you choose us to design your doors and windows. Style and efficiency have never gone hand-in-hand to the extent they do in our work.

Every piece crafted at Global Doors & Windows is created with the intention of creating the best piece of its kind. We do our best to achieve this, which means that we absolutely never allow ourselves to cut any corners. We only use the finest materials. For this purpose, we have established contacts with trusted material providers in Israel and the USA, allowing us to give you just the door or window you demand without you worrying about the origin of our materials. What is more, all of our workers possess years of experience in the field, providing them with the skills that allow them to create doors and windows with such great attention that they could be considered works of art in their own right.

At Global Doors & Windows, nothing  gives us greater satisfaction than seeing a client happy with our work. This is our greatest motivator, and the greatest source of pride in our work. We are incredibly proud of the fact that we can offer our clients a freedom in choosing the designs and specific parameters of their doors and windows without risking any loss in quality. So far, every product we’ve crafted has brought our clients great joy and satisfaction, and with each of the products we will manufacture in the future, we can only prosper more and more, happy to provide our clients with the best possible product.