Timber doors

A sturdy, elegant door can influence your interior and exterior in many ways. Doors have a profound impact on a location’s ambiance, often being the crucial factor deciding whether your home or office ultimately has a posh, modern look or a peaceful rural air. That’s why you should never settle for second best – choose the best quality available at Global Doors & Windows.

Whether you’re searching for a perfect solution for your home or commercial area, you won’t find a better manufacturer of doors to add that finishing touch to your interiors and exteriors. At Global Doors & Windows, we refuse to cut any corners, and it’s because of that that we can provide you with incredibly detailed, stylish doors. With our amazing bespoke services you have access to a variety of door styles, from simple elegance to elaborate designs, no matter what material you want your doors to be made of.

But a door has to be so much more than simply stylish. With weather conditions being as they are in the UK, your homes and commercial areas need reliable protection from the elements, as well as from unwanted visitors. We guarantee that our doors will give you just that. Made from the finest materials, provided to us by reliable sources in Israel and the US, our doors are sturdy and reliable, resisting anything that may come their way.

Thanks to the incredible skills of our craftsmen, you can count on bespoke doors that are stylish and sturdy regardless of your material of choice We can provide you with some of the finest timber doors available in the market, as we use only the finest timber as material for our product. This can help give any area a strong, rustic character. You can count on us to give you a door that not only looks fantastic, but will also meet all of your requirements and expectations.

With our years of experience, we’ve managed to gain the necessary skills to craft a diverse range of doors, tailored to your specific needs. Whether you’re looking for a mighty bi-fold door that will serve as a grand entrance into your garden or as a spectacular link between your living and dining room, a French door that will bathe your interior in natural light, a majestic front door to properly greet your guests, or a simple single interior door for all you interior needs, you will find it here.