Material is key when it comes to doors and window frames. If you want to keep your home warm and safe from outside forces, you should only consider the most sturdy and durable materials that will provide your home with the protection it needs while letting you still tailor its looks to your liking. Of course, aluminium and timber are both tried and tested material with a long history of serving as a great material for doors and windows, but there is one more option that may just turn out to be the best choice for your home or commercial area.

Unplasticised polyvinyl chloride, or uPVC, is one of the best materials you can choose as material for your door or window. Also referred to as vinyl in the US, uPVC is one of the most commonly used material for window frames thanks to its very highly efficient performance ratings. In the past, one of the greatest criticisms towards uPVC as a material was that it wasn’t durable enough to last for a long time, but this has changed substantially. Thanks to various technological advancements that have occurred in the meantime, a uPVC window is now as durable and reliable as any other type of window made from timber or aluminium.

Due to its unique structure, uPVC is naturally resistant to moisture as well as a number of atmospheric pollutions, including acids, alkalis, and salt air. Unlike wooden frames, uPVC frames are completely immune to rot, rust, blistering, and flaking, making them incredibly reliable. Thanks to its nature as an artificial compound, uPCV is also completely safe from termites and various other insects that could damage wooden structures. Additionally, you can be certain that no mold will enter your uPVC door or window frame, and maintenance is minimal, with very easy seasonal cleaning being enough to keep your uPVC frame fresh and functioning properly. Like no other material, uPVC can resist even the most extreme conditions, making it the perfect material for doors and windows anywhere, no matter the surrounding environment.

Your uPVC door or window is bound to last you for a long time. But what happens when, many years in the future, you decide that you need a change in your decor? Don’t worry. Thanks to its unique structure, uPVC is actually recyclable and completely environmentally sustainable. The vast majority of manufacturing waste used to create uPVC windows and doors is viable for reprocessing. The material itself can also be recycled and reused many times over, making for a surprisingly eco-friendly solution. Reduce your carbon footprint with this lightweight material whose long service life and ease of transportation can really make a difference in the long run.
Our uPVC products may be incredibly durable and practical, but that doesn’t mean we would ever cut any corners when it comes to their design. Using high-end tools, our experienced workers can create uPVC doors and windows that are as aesthetically pleasing and stylish as the most beautiful work of art. Choose a design that will fit into your home the best with our amazing bespoke service.