Choosing the right material for your doors and windows is very important for a number of reasons. Your home, office, or commercial area all need areas of access as well as sources of sunlight. Both need to serve a protective service, forming a barrier between your interior and the outdoors, but that doesn’t mean you should be forced to sacrifice style for it. That’s why choosing the right material is paramount, and Global Doors & Windows offers nothing but the best materials, no matter which you decide to choose.

Aluminium is a very modern, very stylish choice for doors and window frames. It’s a sophisticated solution that’s great for both private homes and commercial buildings. The sheer metallic surface is a big draw for those seeking an elegant, contemporary finish. With aluminium doors and windows, you can be sure that your interior will possess a unique character that no other material can replicate. But it’s also a versatile material that is bound to work well in more classical interiors as well.

When it comes to its construction, aluminium is deceptively light. This material’s delicate frame masks an incredible strength that makes it a great material for windows and doors. Its strength rivals timber and uPVC, and because of its durability, aluminium can be cut into very narrow frames, allowing for that not only weigh little but also look delicate and light, helping you achieve that perfect, contemporary look with very little effort, additionally allowing more room for the glass, which leads to more light going into your interior. The corners of your frames, joined mechanically and sealed, are guaranteed to maintain their shape for years to come.

Aluminium is also water-resistant, which means that it can be perfect for any area. Whether your home is in the city, near the woods, or even by the beach, aluminium is guaranteed to be a good choice of material as it won’t let in any moisture. Though corrosion may occur in extreme cases, when the aluminium is exposed to a much larger amount of water than average, it can still be prevented with the right sealing. On top of sealing, we can offer a large selection of coatings that will turn your aluminium frame or door the colour of your choosing.

While aluminium may not conduct temperature as well as other materials, such as timber, there are ways in which we can help reduce heat flow. Using our expert tools, we can provide you with thermal insulation in your aluminium doors and windows that no other company can offer. Thanks to this, we can help greatly improve your home or office’s energy efficiency.

Our experience allows us to provide you with the best doors and windows you can imagine. Not only are our materials provided to us by the best suppliers, but we can mould the materials into whatever shape you want. With our bespoke services, you can get a window or door that is exactly the design you need to compliment your interior. With Global Doors & Windows, having a perfect interior is always within your reach.